Wedding List

Our beloved bride, to make your special day even more special we offer you the assistance for your new home shopping and make it an easy and joyful experiencer by inviting you to our store to create your gift wedding list of all the needed items to decorate your home with. Our experienced staff will help you create a list of all the desired items according to your taste and style to let your beloved one’s gift you all your favorite objects.

Home List

Having a new home is an overwhelming thing for you and to the people who loves you. At Rosenthal Stores we are able to help you to list the things you want to accessories your home with so that the loved ones will be able to gift you your desires.

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To make the shopping experience a hustle free time for our customers, we offer them the delivery of their purchases either for the gifts or the big quantities.

Wedding Gifts And Souvenirs

During the wedding season we offer our couple a wide selection of items that are suitable to be given to the guests as a thank you gesture. Also, we have made several requests for wedding gifts and wedding invitations that were done in cooperation with Versace, Rosenthal.

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Home Decorations

Our experience team will assist you with pleasure to create with you a home that is joyful and meets your highest expectations. That’s how we offer you to go and take all the pieces we see suitable according to your home theme and colors to place it in the right corners of your place to see the final results.

Special Orders

No matter how far your desires go we are willing to follow them. As we are willing to import any kind of desired items that would beautify your table display or your home décor special for you.

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Rosenthal Zaha Hadid
Custom Made Silverware

Alongside, we have been producing silverware trays and service bowls and platter in our local factories in Jordan. Also, we have been creating special pieces upon our customers requests either for gifts for their weddings or a special piece for a certain occasion.